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Agassiz Rock
Manchester-by-the-Sea | Northeast
Ascend a small hill to where a massive granite monolith juts into the sky, then pass a swamp where another huge boulder has sat as silent witness for millennia.
42.5981492, -70.766912
Allen C. Haskell Public Gardens
New Bedford | South of Boston
With local community partners, The Trustees are working to transform this former nursery into a vibrant park for the people of New Bedford and beyond.
41.655013, -70.945339
Appleton Farms
Hamilton & Ipswich | Northeast
Wander past crop fields and cow pastures at the country's oldest continuously operating farm.
42.652023, -70.843688
Appleton Farms Grass Rides
Hamilton & Ipswich | Northeast
This family-friendly network of grassy trails provides an ideal environment for walking, exploring, and nature watching.
42.6496030, -70.869613
Ashintully Gardens
Tyringham | Berkshires
Against the backdrop of a sheltering Berkshires valley, during summer and fall wander through an intimate environment of outdoor sculpture and elegant gardens nourished by a gurgling stream.
42.2159202, -73.175039
Ashley House
Sheffield | Berkshires
Learn about two very different people who fought for freedom and liberty – and changed our history.
42.0594224, -73.355135
Bartholomew's Cobble
Sheffield | Berkshires
Created by geologic upheavals a half-billion years ago, this hundred-foot-high bedrock outcropping introduces visitors to a rugged and exotic landscape that also supports 800 species of plants while offering terrific mountain vistas.
42.0574791, -73.350781
Bear Swamp
Ashfield | Pioneer Valley
Hike three miles of trails, some steep in places, to a nearby beaver pond views of the distant Green Mountains and hillside orchards spreading below.
42.5491174, -72.825307
Bear's Den
New Salem | Central
Take a short walk to a scenic waterfall or the site of an historic mill.
42.5415300, -72.325110
Bridge Island Meadows
Millis | Metro West
Paddle to this small upland amid the extensive Charles River floodplain and bushwhack up a hill to views of the surrounding wetlands.
42.1923377, -71.346805
Brooks Woodland Preserve
Petersham | Central
Follow miles of footpaths and old Farm roads through a massive expanse of diverse forest, pristine streams, and wetlands.
42.4737847, -72.158903
Bullitt Reservation
Ashfield | Pioneer Valley
Let your eye drift across a broad swath of what was once cropland and pasture to the nearly unbroken forest canopy beyond.
42.502257, -72.756001
Cape Poge Wildlife Refuge
Chappaquiddick Island | Cape and Islands
Explore this magnificent barrier Beach with its sandy shoreline, expansive salt marsh, beautiful salt pond, and unique colony of hardy red cedars.
41.3736249, -70.454086
Castle Hill on the Crane Estate
Ipswich | Northeast
Experience the grandeur of a seaside estate and its marvelously landscaped grounds, notable for a broad, undulating lawn running down to the shore.
42.6827726, -70.777421
Millis | Metro West
Explore this former riverside Farm along the carriage road loop or enjoy a leisurely paddle on the Charles.
42.1576232, -71.335182
Chapel Brook
Ashfield | Pioneer Valley
Hike to the top of Pony Mountain, then cool off with a summertime dip in the chilly waters of the brook’s picture-perfect pools and falls.
42.4824422, -72.760263
Charles River Peninsula
Needham | Metro West
Surrounded on three sides by the river, this restored grassland field is accessible by either foot or boat.
42.2603509, -71.265335
Chase Woodlands
Dover | Metro West
Follow meandering trails through a forest of pine, beech, and hemlock and enjoy what was once a family’s cherished preserve.
42.2337686, -71.323121
Chesterfield Gorge
Chesterfield | Pioneer Valley
Experience this imposing gorge carved by a National Wild and Scenic River, then choose from great Fishing, hiking, and biking options just downstream.
42.3932523, -72.880173
Chestnut Hill Farm
Southborough | Metro West
Explore scenic woodlands and rolling fields at this working Farm, which was saved from development in the 1960s through the dedication of a local family.
42.309942, -71.554958
City Natives
Mattapan | Metro Boston
Find native plants for your community garden plot right in the heart of the city. City Natives serves as The Trustees' native plant nursery and horticultural learning center, for the people of Boston and beyond.
42.266037, -71.095440
Coolidge Reservation
Manchester-by-the-Sea | Northeast
Hike past a scenic pond and through a small forest of pine and oak to reach a spectacular seaside lawn offering memorable views of Massachusetts Bay and the North Shore.
42.5798883, -70.725664
Copicut Woods
Fall River | South of Boston
A gateway to the 13,600-acre Southeastern Massachusetts Bioreserve, Copicut Woods boasts upland forests, wetlands and waterways, and remnants of a vibrant agricultural past.
41.7089835, -71.065093
Cormier Woods
Uxbridge | Central
Explore a beautifully preserved Farmstead that dates to the 17th century and wander trails that lead past stone walls through restored woodlands.
42.0696793, -71.594911
Cornell Farm
Dartmouth | South of Boston
Roam from pasture and planted fields through a small woodland before emerging at the edge of a serene salt marsh near the head of the tidal Little River.
41.557, -70.9551
Coskata-Coatue Wildlife Refuge
Nantucket | Cape and Islands
A ruggedly beautiful coastal environment where deer, raptors, and shorebirds play. Explore sand dunes and small coastal forests, salt marsh and tidal ponds, on 16 miles of trails and sand roads.
41.3296203, -69.996466
Crane Beach on the Crane Estate
Ipswich | Northeast
Enjoy the Northeast’s most spectacular Beach and follow trails and boardwalks through a landscape of sand dunes and salt marsh.
42.6836822, -70.766059
Crane Wildlife Refuge on the Crane Estate
Ipswich | Northeast
This mix of salt marsh and coastal islands is perfect for kayakers and other boaters, who can also follow trails that explore Choate Island and Long Island.
42.6732096, -70.758394
Crowninshield Island
Marblehead | Northeast
This intimate outcropping features a short loop trail and is ideal for families, who can reach the island by boat or, at low tide, on foot across the shallows.
42.5134088, -70.842717
deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum
Lincoln, MA | Metro West
DeCordova's mission is to inspire, educate, and delight with contemporary art from New England and beyond through sculptures in the landscape and museum exhibitions.
42.430130, -71.310800
Dexter Drumlin
Lancaster | Central
Wander from to a hilltop meadow offering fine views of historic Lancaster.
42.4471001, -71.687421
Dinosaur Footprints
Holyoke | Pioneer Valley
Imagine small herds of dinosaurs on the shore of a shallow tropical lake as you enjoy a real, up-close look at their fossilized prints, left in sandstone to spur our wonder.
42.2416162, -72.623618
Doane's Falls
Royalston | Central
Descend a short streamside trail and get an up-close experience with a raucous series of plunging falls.
42.6499048, -72.200795
Doyle Community Park & Center
Leominster | Central
Meander along trails that pass through woodlands, meadows, and gardens, all part of an elegant former estate.
42.5496091, -71.774620
Dry Hill
New Marlborough | Berkshires
Wander across more than 200 acres of forest and through a maze of thickets on a trail that traces a small brook and passes vernal pools and other wetlands.
42.1330473, -73.225072
Dunes' Edge Campground
Provincetown | Cape and Islands
A quiet family campground, Dunes’ Edge has retained a quaint atmosphere amidst the sand dunes and pines, offering our guests the opportunity to experience the true and lasting beauty of legendary Old Cape Cod.
42.062431, -70.186234
East Over Reservation
Rochester | South of Boston
Explore a landscape of broad fields and elegant double-faced stone walls, once part of a larger Farm that’s still in operation today.
41.7452977, -70.812153
Eleanor Cabot Bradley Estate
Canton | South of Boston
Stroll through elegant gardens complementing a stately country house then explore surrounding fields, pastures, and woodlands that echo the property’s agricultural past.
42.1994390, -71.120789
Elliott Laurel
Phillipston | Central
In late spring, enjoy the colorful blooms of mountain laurel that give this reservation its name.
42.5291547, -72.123250
Shirley | Metro West
Near enough for regular visits, but with the feeling of remoteness that will transport you far from your cares, Farandnear live up to its name.
42.5669, -71.6556
Field Farm
Williamstown | Berkshires
From a pair of Modernist houses nestled against a hillside, you’ll admire Mount Greylock rising across the valley. Follow trails past fields and marsh and wander through manicured gardens graced by sculptures. Also, you can stay at our Guest House on the property.
42.6646842, -73.261792
Fork Factory Brook
Medfield | Metro West
Follow a network of trails through wetland, hayfields, and wooded upland to discover views and the foundations of an historic mill.
42.207, -71.276615
Francis William Bird Park
Walpole | South of Boston
Stroll meandering pathways and cross artisan-built stone bridges at this family-friendly park of open fields, groves of trees, and frog ponds.
42.1597364, -71.215008
Fruitlands Museum
Harvard, MA | Metro West
Home to 5 collections on 210 acres of meadows and woods. You can hike, learn about the Transcendentalists and Shakers, sit in the Art Museum among Native American or Hudson River School treasures, or be inspired by contemporary exhibits.
42.508165, -71.610308
Gerry Island
Marblehead | Northeast
Situated in Marblehead's scenic Little Harbor, Gerry Island is a beloved and iconic feature of the area's coastal landscape, and neighbor to The Trustees' Crowninshield Island.
42.510454, -70.842633
Glendale Falls
Middlefield | Pioneer Valley
Visit wild and rocky Glendale Brook and follow one of the state's highest and longest waterfalls as it plunges dramatically to the Westfield River.
42.3496549, -72.967047
Goose Pond Reservation
Lee | Berkshires
Paddle across Lower Goose Pond, a mountain lake anchored by steep ridgelines that also support a remote section of the 2,100-mile Appalachian Trail.
42.274417, -73.200889
Governor Hutchinson's Field
Milton | Metro Boston
Enjoy views of the Neponset River marshes and Boston Harbor from the hilltop site of the estate of the last Massachusetts Colonial governor.
42.2655663, -71.065203
Governor Oliver Ames Estate
Easton | South of Boston
Explore a part of Massachusetts history on this bucolic estate, first settled by Oliver Ames, who served as the Governor of the Commonwealth in the early 19th century.
42.0703, -71.102
Greenwood Farm
Ipswich | Northeast
Wander through an open field and enjoy a memorable view of the historic Paine House, with the broad estuary of the Ipswich River extending beyond.
42.6944633, -70.821377
Hales Brook and Sippican River
Marion | South of Boston
From a new trailhead on County Road, you can now explore even more of the scenic East Over landscape.
41.4434, -70.464
Halibut Point Reservation
Rockport | Northeast
Scramble across ledges scarred by the granite industry and examine tide pools teeming with marine life.
42.6888832, -70.629530
Hamlin Reservation
Ipswich | Northeast
This former coastal Farmland now welcomes visitors to a broad salt marsh and a dike path that leads to a loop trail around Eagle Island.
42.6663846, -70.811763
Holmes Reservation
Plymouth | South of Boston
From this broad, sloping field just outside downtown Plymouth, gaze across the historic harbor the Pilgrims entered four centuries ago.
41.9701107, -70.677925
Jacobs Hill
Royalston | Central
Climb through a forest of beech, hemlock, and birch to reach an unparalleled ???wilderness vista, then explore Spirit Falls as it rolls down the mountainside.
42.676278, -72.198669
Land of Providence
Holyoke | Pioneer Valley
Through the generosity of a religious order long committed to Holyoke, everyone can now experience a unique floodplain forest and a riverside working Farm with strong ties to urban residents.
42.1652, -72.6325
Leatherbee Woods
West Roxbury | Metro Boston
Leatherbee Woods Urban Wild includes a parcel of Red Maple swamp adjacent to and contiguous with the swamps of MA DCR’s Hancock Woods Reservation and Brookline’s Hoar Wildlife Sanctuary.
42.3018, -71.1624
Little Tom Mountain
Holyoke | Pioneer Valley
Only a ten minute drive from downtown Holyoke, Little Tom Reservation lies within one of the state’s most ecologically significant landscapes: the Mt. Tom Range.
42.2530393, -72.629731
Long Hill
Beverly | Northeast
This former family retreat has been renowned for its gardens for almost a century.
42.5870895, -70.846278
Long Point Wildlife Refuge
Martha's Vineyard | Cape and Islands
Whether you want to body surf in the ocean, splash with the kids in sheltered salt- and freshwater ponds, or explore a rare grassland habitat, this spectacular reservation will become a favorite.
41.361591, -70.635695
Lowell Holly
Mashpee & Sandwich | Cape and Islands
Wander along carriage roads and foot trails as you pass through groves of American holly that embellish this unique peninsula.
41.661395, -70.4745
Lyman Reserve
Bourne, Plymouth & Wareham | South of Boston
Follow a tidal waterway from upstream cranberry bogs and woods to its mouth on a sandy Beach at Buttermilk Bay.
41.7640916, -70.631423
Malcolm Preserve
Carlisle | Metro West
This modest reservation provides a portal to a much larger protected landscape of 1,300 acres. The preserve also features a wheelchair-accessible trail.
42.5158854, -71.341479
Mashpee River Reservation
Mashpee | Cape and Islands
Little affected by development, this tidal stream remains one of the region’s pristine environments. Experience the river on shoreside foot trails or by paddle.
41.628938, -70.480876
McLennan Reservation
Tyringham & Otis | Berkshires
Venture into a rugged and remote tract of forested hills and wetlands at the edge of historic Tyringham Valley.
42.2215620, -73.175739
Medfield Meadow Lots
Medfield | Metro West
These areas of marsh situated within the Charles River Floodplain represent The Trustees’ commitment to ecological diversity and protecting natural communities.
42.2027475, -71.340844
Medfield Rhododendrons
Medfield | Metro West
Approach with care this fragile habitat of rare Rosebay rhododendrons with care — here you can experience one of very few populations of this important species.
42.1767324, -71.303464
Menemsha Hills
Chilmark | Cape and Islands
Experience the drama of a rocky shoreline and scenic vistas across Vineyard Sound to the Elizabeth Islands from the second-highest point on the island.
41.3645914, -70.742228
Misery Islands
Salem | Northeast
Take a boat to Great Misery and enjoy memorable views of Salem Sound and the North Shore.
42.5497452, -70.797834
Mission House
Stockbridge | Berkshires
Journey back in time at this Colonial-era house and museum, a National Historic Landmark that tells the story of the Stockbridge Mohicans and missionary John Sergeant.
42.2834507, -73.315596
Monument Mountain
Great Barrington | Berkshires
Ascend this popular peak, which once drew 19th-century literary giants, and from its summit gaze across the spectacular landscapes of the Housatonic River Valley.
42.2431484, -73.335285
Moose Hill Farm
Sharon | South of Boston
Follow a trail from the Farmstead through restored woodlands to hillside hayfields and pastures, where you'll enjoy views of Great Blue Hill and the Boston skyline.
42.127589, -71.210497
Moraine Farm
Beverly | Northeast
When Frederick Law Olmsted designed Moraine Farm, he didn't plot out an adventure-based ropes course. Or make room for school children to roam.
42.586274, -70.900944
Mount Ann Park
Gloucester | Northeast
A substantial mixed forest of evergreens and hardwoods rises to a rocky summit overlooking Cape Ann. Please note: This reservation is not accessible at this time.
42.6134556, -70.720355
Mount Warner
North Hadley | Pioneer Valley
Wander the gentle slopes of this 500-foot hill overlooking the Connecticut River Valley and discover a variety of natural delights.
42.378773, -72.57401
Mountain Meadow Preserve
Williamstown | Berkshires
Straddling the Massachusetts/Vermont border, this inviting mix of forest and field, wetland and wildflower meadow, draws both novice hikers and serious naturalists.
42.7385336, -73.207569
Chappaquiddick Island | Cape and Islands
Enter a secluded world of designed Japanese elegance in this garden environment of exotic and native plantings that encircle a serene pond.
41.3755527, -70.458072
Stockbridge | Berkshires
Experience Gilded-Age style and splendor at this marvelous estate, renowned for its elegant gardens and rare Berkshire “Cottage.”
42.2906264, -73.316152
Noanet Woodlands
Dover | Metro West
Follow a network of trails across a grand preserve that features woodlands and ponds, a former mill site, and Noanet Peak, which offers views of the Boston skyline.
42.228, -71.257
Noon Hill
Medfield | Metro West
Ascend the hill to enjoy treetop vistas, amble around Holt Pond, or follow trails that leads through an adjacent Trustees reservation to the Charles River.
42.1648334, -71.318539
Norris Reservation
Norwell | South of Boston
Hike past a former mill pond, cross a wetlands boardwalk, and explore a forest of pine and oak on your way to a boathouse on the banks of the tidal North River.
42.1596310, -70.790962
North Common Meadow
Petersham | Central
Children love to play in the field of wildflowers then listen for the splash of frogs at the adjacent lily pond.
42.4910169, -72.185306
Norton Point Beach
Edgartown | Cape and Islands
This ever-changing environment still provides an important habitat for nesting shorebirds, and a sporting challenge for the fishermen who surfcast from this popular site.
41.35014, -70.48691
Windsor | Berkshires
Renowned for its Nordic skiing, Notchview also entices year-round adventurers for hiking and birdwatching.
42.5065409, -73.039890
Old Manse
Concord | Metro West
The first shots of the Revolutionary War were fired nearby – and, less than a century later, Emerson, Hawthorne, and Thoreau spawned a revolution in American philosophy from here.
42.4685313, -71.348446
Old Town Hill
Newbury | Northeast
Climb to the top of a 168-foot coastal promontory and from an open field enjoy panoramic views of the Great Marsh and New Hampshire's Isles of Shoals.
42.7694563, -70.857485
Peaked Mountain
Monson | Pioneer Valley
Explore wooded roads through a former working forest and trek to a summit that rewards with panoramic views from Mount Wachusett to Vermont’s Green Mountains.
42.0495684, -72.351587
Pegan Hill
Natick and Dover | Metro West
Once the ancestral home of local Native Americans and later a Colonial-era Farmscape, this ridgeline is a thickly wooded habitat laced by remnant stone walls.
42.2480916, -71.303800
Peters Reservation
Dover | Metro West
A delightful paddling destination, this riverside retreat features a mix of natural flora, designed landscape and plantings, and two miles of trails.
42.2341197, -71.323196
Petticoat Hill
Williamsburg | Pioneer Valley
Climb through a restored forest that boasts a rich variety of hardwood species, passing stone walls and cellar holes that reveal the hill’s agricultural past.
42.3918639, -72.733800
Pierce Reservation
Milton | Metro Boston
Pierce Reservation includes four acres of woodland and fields behind a private residence at 224 Adams Street. It is only accessible from adjacent Governor Hutchinson's Field.
42.2655663, -71.065203
Pine and Hemlock Knoll
Wenham | Northeast
A loop trail leads through a small woodland with an impressive stand of old-growth hemlock. Please note: There is no access to the reservation at present.
42.6168414, -70.901074
Powisset Farm
Dover | Metro West
Revived as the site of a Community Supported Agriculture program, this Farm features a trail that explores woodlands, fields, and wetlands.
42.2252583, -71.260597
New Marlborough | Berkshires
Visit a landscape of returning forest and wetlands, and remnant cellar holes and stone walls that recall a long-abandoned settlement dating to early Colonial times.
42.1289471, -73.250824
Quinebaug Woods
Holland | Central
Trace the banks of the serene Quinebaug River looking for frogs and spotted salamanders before ascending a wooded ridge.
42.069621, -72.156033
Ravenswood Park
Gloucester | Northeast
Explore a shrouded landscape of hemlock groves, a magnolia swamp, and other trees species where you'll find remnants Colonial habitation.
42.5915605, -70.698501
Redemption Rock
Princeton | Central
A modest-sized reservation with a momentous history, it was here in April of 1676 that King Philip's War hostage Mary White Rowlandson was returned was Indian captivity.
42.5066995, -71.869652
Rock House Reservation
West Brookfield | Central
Kids will enjoy exploring the jumble of boulders that forms this “house,” beyond which you’ll discover a small, serene pond.
42.2678548, -72.198412
Rocky Narrows
Sherborn | Metro West
By foot or canoe, enjoy incomparable views of the Charles River at its most serene as it slowly winds between granite walls. Or amble among pine groves and past wetlands along seven miles of trails and footpaths.
42.2258634, -71.354155
Rocky Woods
Medfield | Metro West
Enjoy expansive views from atop Cedar Hill, amble along a trail to a former quarry site, or explore five ponds that dot this woody landscape.
42.207, -71.276615
Royalston Falls
Royalston | Central
Follow a descending trail that leads to a deep, ancient gorge carved by prehistoric glacial meltwater to falls that plunge 45 feet into a basin.
42.7159526, -72.255828
Shattuck Reservation
Medfield | Metro West
The forest has reclaimed this centuries-old pasture land along the Charles, where trails poke out to the river’s edge with lovely views. A paddler's favorite.
42.164833, -71.318539
Signal Hill
Canton | South of Boston
At the far end of an industrial park you’ll discover a protected refuge that offers both views of the Blue Hills and access to the Neponset River.
42.1852569, -71.159498
Slocum's River Reserve
Dartmouth | South of Boston
Thread your way through woodlands and cross open fields that descend to one of the state’s loveliest tidal rivers. Watch for great blue herons and other waders in the shallows, and northern harriers overhead.
41.5519845, -71.009268
Stavros Reservation
Essex | Northeast
Enjoy an easy ascent to a coastal hilltop that rewards you with panoramic views of Crane Beach and the Essex River estuary
42.6508963, -70.786857
Stevens-Coolidge Place
North Andover | Northeast
Enter a world of early 20th-century country elegance at a former Farm-turned-estate, where refined interiors are complemented by an array of lovely gardens.
42.6813939, -71.117530
Swift River Reservation
Petersham | Central
A landscape that supported Colonial-era Farming has returned to a natural environment of forest and swamp, fields and uplands, laced by seven miles of trails and old roads.
42.4610900, -72.165146
Sturbridge | Central
Follow a loop trail through quiet woodlands then visit the site of a former lead mine used by Native Americans and, later, European settlers.
42.0599472, -72.129236
The FARM Institute
Edgartown, MA | Cape and Islands
Located on the historic Katama Farm, a farm that dates back to the early 1900s. In the late 1970s, a group of neighbors and friends interested in saving Katama Farm from being subdivided.
41.360885, -70.517426
Tully Lake Campground
Royalston | Central
Discover real camping adventures in the North Quabbin Region of Central Massachusetts – just an hour and a half from Boston or Springfield.
42.651756, -72.212316
Two Mile Farm
Marshfield | South of Boston
Wander cart paths and foot trails that lead through resurgent woodlands and past stone walls to the broad meadows of the North River.
42.119922, -70.766622
Tyringham Cobble
Tyringham | Berkshires
Ascend through orchards and woodlands to where twin ancient formations of exposed bedrock offer panoramic vistas of the serene Tyringham Valley.
42.2432502, -73.205525
Ward Reservation
Andover & North Andover | Northeast
Climb a hill for great views extending from the surrounding Merrimack Valley to the Boston skyline, or explore this sprawling landscape along almost 10 miles of trails.
42.6405703, -71.112050
Chappaquiddick Island | Cape and Islands
This southeastern corner of Martha’s Vineyard is a saltwater angler’s paradise. It’s also a superb spot for birdwatching and for strolls along a beautiful shore.
41.3552863, -70.459729
Weir Hill
North Andover | Northeast
Trace the western shoreline of a sparkling lake or enjoy a woodsy ascent to scenic views of the Merrimack Valley.
42.697458, -71.110850
Weir River Farm
Hingham | South of Boston
This family-friendly Farm, one of the last Farms in Hingham, will enthrall visitors with its own “family” of horses, pigs, cows, chickens, and sheep.
42.2397705, -70.853452
Westport Town Farm
Westport | South of Boston
A former refuge for the community's poor and infirm, this coastal landscape boasts a centuries-old Farmhouse and pastures bracketed by stone walls.
41.580499, -71.080194
Whitney and Thayer Woods
Hingham & Cohasset | South of Boston
Step back in time to woodlands dotted with glacial erratics and vernal pools featuring bridges over streams, carefully sited benches, a hermit’s shelter, and secluded holly grove.
42.2341523, -70.823884
William Cullen Bryant Homestead
Cummington | Pioneer Valley
From its iconic red barn to elegant allée of maples leading to the main house, this lovely property is testament to the celebrated poet’s ideal of living mindfully on the land.
42.4709652, -72.934931
World's End
Hingham | South of Boston
Rolling hills and rocky shorelines offer sweeping views of the Boston skyline, while tree-lined carriage paths designed by famed landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted make delightful walking trails.
42.2584093, -70.873416
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