what is hike 125

Originally started as a way to celebrate The Trustees 125th Anniversary in 2016, Hike 125 is our challenge to you to get out and hike on Trustees trails.

It’s awesome. It’s free. It’s fun. So… take a hike!

All you need to do is visit our properties and log your hiking miles on this site. Use one of the many fitness or GPS apps to track your mileage. Keep an eye on your progress on our leaderboards. And you can upload photos of your experiences on this site, too. We love to see them!

How far can you go?
We challenge you to hike at least 125 miles by the end of the year—can you do it? We’re hoping to have some great prizes for those who do; stay tuned for details. We’ll also award a prize to the person who hikes the most miles by the end of the challenge (it ends December 31, 2017.)

Hike Often! Try new places!
We’re adding two new challenges this year—see how many different Trustees places you can visit and see how many hikes you can go on. We’ll award a prize to the person who takes the most hikes and another to the person who logs hikes at the most number of our reservations by the end of the challenge. Last year, one hiker visited 49 properties! How many can you visit, and how many times can you hike?

Sign up now. What are you waiting for?
Everyone who joins the 2017 Hike 125 Challenge will receive a car sticker to show your Hike 125 pride!

Now, breathe in, lace up, and hit some of our 350 miles of trails!

Hike 125 is sponsored by:
Blue Cross Blue Sheild of Massachusetts

Sponsored by:
Blue Cross Blue Sheild of Massachusetts

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